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A Brief Unit History and Overview of our Living History Reenactment Unit...

His Majesty's 35th Regiment of Foot was active in North America during the French & Indian War, specifically from 1756 through 1763.

The Unit served as one of the garrisoned troops at Fort William Henry in Lake George, NY where, overwhelmed by French Forces under General Montcalm, they surrendered the fort in August 1757.  This Siege of Fort William Henry was made famous by the novelist, James Fenimore Cooper in his book "The Last of the Mohicans"who fictionalized the account.

The 35th Regiment of Foot was also garrisoned at Fort Edward which lies aproximately 15 miles to the south of Fort William Henry at the base of Lake George a 32 mile-long lake which saw considerable traffic during the 18th century as a major water route.  The Regiment also saw action at the battles of Fortress Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and also at the Battles of Quebec and Montreal.

In 2006 modern day  living history reenactors have formed a volunteer group to portray this famous military regiment.  The 35th Regiment of Foot is a living history reenactment unit that welcomes able-bodied men and their families.  Soldiers use reproduction black powder muskets, don period wool military uniforms and sleep in canvas tents while cooking over open fires much as was done 250 years ago.

Unit members engage in the hobby of perpetuating our Country's history through demonstrations and historical encampments at local, state and National Historic Sites, Parks and Museums such as Fort Ticonderoga, Fort # 4, Fort William Henry, and Lake George Battlefield Historic Park.

The hobby of living history reenacting is both rewarding and demanding.  In order to present the most accurate and historically correct portrayal each unit member is required to outfit themselves in unit-researched uniforms, equipment and camp gear by the end of their first year of membership.  This ensures to provide the best representation of this noble Regiment.
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Our 2018 Event schedule will  include:
  • June 2-3, "Culloden" Highlander Weekend, Fort #4, Charlestown, NH
  • Sept 22-45, Fort Edward/Roger's Island, Fort Edward, NY
  • February 2019- Annual Meeting (Date TBD)

Here is a sampling of locations we have been at in recent years. 

  • Fort at #4, NH
  • Fort Ticonderoga, NY
  • Fort Frederick, Big Pool, MD
  • Stony Creek Mountain Festival, NY
*Note: Events and program sponsors require pre-registration of any living history units.  Public spectators should visit host websites for details on public hours of event, admission charges, etc.
Alan Whitney, Regt. Commander
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