35th Regiment of Foot
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Joining the Unit

We are currently recruiting for Light Company Soldiers to join the unit!       

The uniform of the  "Lights" is a shorter coat, has no regimental lace and uses pared down amount of accoutrements.  This makes it even more affordable to get active in our unit.  (see artist image on left)

We have had to make this addition of a Light Company in order to satisfy the membership inquiries and interest in folks joining the unit.

Our Regimental Lace and Bay wool lining is custom made for us in the UK to ensure authenticity.   Current importation fees and minimum orders make it impossible to do on a soldier by soldier basis. 

Once we have 4-5 men at arms who desire the full (hat company) regimental we will proceed with an international order if desired.


The Unit has complete researched information on where these items may be purchased, ordered or otherwise procured. 
New members must obtain a detailed equipment list before any purchase of uniform or equipment are made specific to the regiment. 
Just because a Sutler sells it...it does not mean it is an appropriate reproduction to our time period or unit.  Buyers beware!

Regimental Uniform (or Light Company coat) of the 35th
Cocked Hat
White linen shirt
First Model Brown Bess Musket w/ Bayonet
F & I Belly box, plain black
Cartridge Pouch
Double Frog Belt
Sword, Infantry 1742
F & I era Haversack
F & I era Canteen (tin or  stainless)
Madder Red Wool Knee Breeches
Madder Red Wool F & I Waistcoat
White linen neckcloth
Period Black Leather Shoes
Black F & I Gaiters
Wool Stockings, white
Cleaning kit for Musket
Camp stool
Period Wool Blanket
Period eating utensils, bowl, plate and cup

Est. cost of basic kit for hat company soldier, including musket:
$2500-$3000 (incl's Tent)
The Light Company Soldier is considerably less.  
*Note:  the unit and some members may have items that can be "loaned" to new members for a few events in the beginning during their get acquainted time to reduce costs of getting started.

While it may seem expensive to get into the hobby, when compared with many other leisure activities and hobbies e.g. golf, skiing, snowmobiling, modern camping, equestrian, etc. Living history is actually quite a bargain----and you stay and camp for free at exotic, famous historic sites that the regular public does not!

CLICK HERE to access our pages dedicated to "The Ladies"

The 35th Regiment of Foot is a family oriented living history reenactment unit.  We are always searching for able-bodied men who wish to portray our soldiers.  Family members of soldiers are welcomed into the unit and will be provided with guidance and resources for obtaining period clothing, equipment and also camp life of the soldier's family.
Contact Information

If you are interested in joining the unit, please fill out the information below and we will be back in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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